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You have awakened within the Land of the Fallen; a desolate realm of purgatory, for the knights who die dishonoured. In order to reclaim your honour, you must defeat the Fallen Guardians, who stand before your vindication. Only then, will you find your long awaited rest.




Steel yourself with numerous combat maneuvers, allowing a larger depth of combat for approaching your challenges. Utilize different tools for overcoming the challenges the Land of the Fallen has to offer you, knight. Will you succumb to the will of the fallen, or charge gallantly into the fray and regain your honour?

The Land of the Fallen is a cruel, and unforgiving realm; the damned lying in wait to shed your blood. Immerse yourself into the grim atmosphere of your bleak afterlife, as you traverse through the foggy wastes to find the Guardians. Take heed, for these lands are fraught with perilous traps and deadly combatants.

Meet the Team




Andrew Chiarelli

A fun-loving creative based out of the Niagara region in Ontario. Currently working on my last semester of Game Development at Niagara College. Also having completed a degree in Computer Programming a few years back, my knowledge in C# and Unity is very extensive.

Philip Ellis

Hey, my name is Philip Ellis, and I am a Niagara College graduate for Game Development! Programming is my primary skill set, and I have been focusing my talents towards game AI. Alongside programming I am also a capable animator and know my way around 3D modelling. 

Duncan Brudlo

I’ve been passionate about games and making them ever since I first learned game programming when I was nine. Although I’m most knowledgeable and fluent in c# and c++, I’ve used and am familiar with other programming languages and could easily pick them up.

Kristopher McArthur

I am a recent college graduate looking to enter the game industry as a 3D artist. I love the process of creating game assets and characters, and am always looking for ways to challenge myself with new projects in order to expand my knowledge and skills of all things related to digital art. I aspire to work my way to becoming a Senior Character Artist, and look forward to working alongside other motivated and creative people in the industry.

Emma Perretta

A 3D generalist at Niagara College. I enjoy exploring different software to expand my knowledge and elevate my skills. My skills include, modeling, texturing, baking, animation, rendering, particles, and dynamic simulations. I am inspired to learn different art styles to make my work creative and exciting.

Andrés Coimbra Castedo

Recent graduated 3D artist from Niagara College. I have a focus and passion for creating new locations and worlds for players to experience and explore. My skills include hard surface and organic modelling, PBR texturing, texture baking, lighting and composition. I have learned to work under a pipeline, as well as quickly adapt to any changes in development. Willingness to learn any new workflow that can increase quality and efficiency. And as always looking for the next challenge to test and improve my skills.

Doug McKay

Graduate game development program at Niagara College. Thanks to the program, I am familiar with the entire pipeline of game development though I am specialized in the art field primarily modeling and animation. My preference is on weapon modeling and creature animation. I am always trying to challenge and push myself to improve my skills in order to become a better artist. One day I hope to become a senior artist or animator in the game or movie/tv industry.

Cole Robertson

A 3D artist and animator, graudated from Niagara College. I've been playing and studying games for as long as I can remember, and I like to think I've got a knack for them! I absolutely love making immersive and interesting environments that you will love to remember, and adding the finer details that the very perceptive will adore.

Mathieu A. Chartrand

I’m a Niagara College game development graduate, with a background in traditional art. I’ve been fascinated with videogames ever since I could pick up a gamepad, and have been drawing and sculpting characters and assets ever since. After buying my first computer, I quickly began creating Flash animation, and pixel art. Thanks to my time at Niagara College, I’m familiar with the whole game development pipeline, however, I excel at 3D asset creation, and animation.